Quints Facts


1. Of the 4 million babies born in the U.S. anually, just 40 sets – 200 newborns – are quintuplets
2. That makes the chance of giving birth to quintuplets just 0.005 per cent
3. Eight-five per cent of quintuplets are born with a very low birth weight and the average weighs just 2lbs, 3oz
4. The average quintuplet pregnancy lasts 26-27 weeks
5. Ninety-five percent are born before the 32 week mark and none make it beyond 37 weeks

Source: Mlive.com


  1. I will pray for the BEST....for you and your Family esp. the 5 babies. I believed that this is really for you according to GOD's plan. You did your BEST already, just pray and relax, and GOD will do the rest. GOOD LUCK and I will be following your post, esp. the baby's pictures.